Irthly Unique

Our fervor is to continue our rich tradition of creating jewelry unique to the world. By integrating meaningful concepts and elements of our world into fine jewelry, and by upholding strict standards of craftsmanship and ethical responsibility, we strive to make the proud owner of an Irthly jewelled adornment feel and experience something unique in jewelry: a sense of mutual coexisting with your jewelry and the world.

Most luxury items, though crafted with the best materials and with the best craftsmanship, can be replaced or bought again, with some exceptions. Being a proud owner of an Irthly piece is like no other purchasing experience. As an owner of an Irthly Jewelled Adornment, you will be connected to deep meaning behind the design and designer. You will share with David Alvarado a shared vision of what jewelry should be about: Jewelry with Meaning. That is unique in itself. But that is only touching the surface of the uniqueness of Irthly. The truly remarkable items in Irthly’s collection are the ones featuring organic material. Why are these pieces of jewelry more valuable and unique? Because they are irreplaceable.

The moment one wears an Irthly jewelled adornment, one is intimately connected with the authenticity of the piece. From then on out, the jewelry will be part of your own chemistry–of your own experience. If you experienced a wonderful vacation in a secluded beach or on a beautiful wine country, your jewelry will show it. If you had an enchanting dinner, the jewelry will experience it with you. If you travelled on cruise or on a private boat, your chemistry, the atmosphere, and the organic nature of the Irthly jewelry would interact and experience it together. The Irthly piece will live alongside of you and it will show you how it changed with you. No other piece of jewelry will have your experiential footprint like an Irthly piece. This intimate connection to the wearer cannot ever be replaced or reproduced. That is the uniqueness of an Irthly Jewelled Adornment.

Yet on another level, some of the gems found in some of the Irthly pieces are also irreplaceable. In some cases, the combination of the irreplaceability of the organic material alongside the rarity of the gem makes certain pieces complete originals.

What makes Irthly Unique? No one in the world would have the same piece of jewelry. Because it marries the wearer and the weared, it is irreplaceable.