To find your way, you go your way. Pointing to the cardinal directions and one bezel set diamond placed on top for the above and beyond, this design is meant to highlight the value and preciousness of attaining a direction and finding/having a path.

Cardinal Pendant CP02

Medium Cardinal Pendant CP03

Small Cardinal Pendant CP05


Produce, Provide, Parent, and Protect. This is Irthly’s signature piece as it purely captures the inspiration of origins. It symbolizes the womb, the seed, or the origins of life and mind. The Palm Ivory seed is surrounded by gold spike accents to demonstrate protection from the elements, the Palm Ivory supplies the body of the design and the diamonds embedded into the Palm Ivory highlights the brilliants and beauty inside every seed.


Nurture Pendant NP01

Nuture Earrings NE01


Paying tribute to the endless paths. From the glossy and earthly look of the Palm Ivory, to the different finishes and colors of the metals, these pieces demonstrate a multitude of perspectives reminiscent of art deco designs. Placing context into our worldview opens our minds.

Parallel Pendant PP01




The design demonstrates quiet strength denoting a sparkling return to the root. The sleek lines and spike accents provide plenty of sterness, pride, and attitude. The design draws attention downwards to the earth for grounding and enlightenment.  To best summarize my intention, I will quote one of my favorite philosophers, Laozi from China:th

“Attain complete vacuity.
Maintain steadfast and stern quietude.
All things come to being.
And I see thereby their return.
All things flourish.
But each one returns to its root.
This return to its root means tranquility.
It is called returning to its destiny.
To return to destiny is called the eternal.
To know the eternal is called enlightenment.”


The Space Where We Love.

Graceful vintage-inspired design lends a touch of wistful romance – A cameo look that leaves the space where the face normally belongs as an empty vacuum. Being empty, the space could never be full – an endless embrace.


Emptiness and fullness, dark and brilliance, beginnings and endings blending together in interplay: The cycle of life.  The spike accents add edginess and pride-of-intention to this traditional look. The connote the extension of cyclical interplay between opposites into the meta-sphere.



Elegance in simple shapes, open spaces, and clear accents designed to connote individuality and sternness of cause, characterizes the Classics series. It is a balanced mix of contemporary accents and vintage appeal.

In conjunction with the theme of origins, we believe that basic shapes and clear accents are the basis of any design development. As such, this collection sustains original shapes as a basic foundation for the future exploration in design.


Palm Ivory© is our featured eco-element.  Termed endearingly “Vegetable Ivory,” it is refined to show its natural and individually unique colors and ingrains. Palm Ivory is (commonly known as Tagua) is a seed of a palm tree from the rainforest of Ecuador. A fair trade compliant organization harvests the nut, benefiting the local people and economy.
 The unique properties of this seed are its strength, color and visible grains. It is an extremely hard seed that withstand significant wear and tear. The chemistry of an individual only makes the seed remarkably stronger and silkier feeling.

The synthesis of simple shapes, elegant metal and diamond accents, and the uniqueness of vegetable ivory truly makes this series “Classics.”


All the jewelry is made with recycled metals, predominantly gold and platinum, high-grade conflict-free diamonds, and fair trade gems. The integration of these sustainable jewelry elements with seeds of vegetable ivory is a complex and delicate challenge that took years to develop.

The seed goes through an extensive refining process. It starts with the whole seed that gets sliced in a certain direction to take advantage of the most amounts of the seed. Then the process of selection starts. Not all seeds are pure white nor are they without any overly cumbersome grains, cracks, or gaps. So, akin to the selection of a diamond, we must search for the seed slice that has the purest of colors and beautiful grains, without too many cracks and holes. The selected seed piece then gets shaped and cut to the specifications of the design. Finally, the shaped seed gets polished to fine shine. The fastening of the seed to the conventionally manufactured metals without any glue is the most challenging of the process.

A combination of old-world hand craftsmanship and high-tech machinery and devices (lasers, CNC machinery, advanced casting) were required to achieve the challenge. Both are interdependent and indispensable for the success of the design.

Every piece of jewelry made is authentic. Each seed has its own grains and colors. For that reason, we place under our logo in the back of every piece a unique serial number.

MADE in the USA

The entire process of our jewelry is proudly made in Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A. From the world, to the world.