Art D’Eco

330px-Tour_Eiffel_publicité_Citroën_1925 Art Decoratif d’Ecologie – Debuting at JCK: Las Vegas 2014 The basis of this collection’s design is the era of Art Deco, with an Irthly twist. The Art Deco design and style movement came into world recognition in the 1920’s.  Especially significant was the conference held in France in 1925: Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes (International Exposition of Modern.... Read More →


Cycles Pendant on the seed DESIGN DESCRIPTION Elegance in simple shapes, open spaces, and clear accents designed to connote individuality and sternness of cause, characterizes the Classics series. It is a balanced mix of contemporary accents and vintage appeal. In conjunction with the theme of origins, we believe that basic shapes and clear accents are the basis of any design development. As such, this collection.... Read More →

Irthly Sans

ISAP02RDTRQ Irthly wants to make a mark in society’s value assessment. As such, we want to expand our message to as many individuals as possible. Providing a collection of conventional jewelry allows us to reach other consumers who might not be in the market for fine eco-elegant jewelry. The design philosophy for this collection is simple. We will offer similar looks.... Read More →