Jewelry Care Instructions

Vegetable Ivory is a real, organic material. Therefore, one should understand its nature and delicacy. The intention of any seed, in general, is to protect, nurture and, oftentimes, transport the living organism inside it. Therefore, by definition, the seed is meant to be rugged and sustainable. In the case of the Tagua nut, throughout its fabrication development, it has shown amazing strength and endurance. Nevertheless, one must always remember the fragility of organic material. As such, one needs to care for the Vegetable Ivory like one would care for anything precious. The way one cares for pearls, opals, tanzanites, or emeralds would suffice.

Overall, wear your Irthly item proudly anywhere. The more you wear it directly on your skin, the more it acquires your chemistry, vitality, and strength.  Just keep in mind that it is an organic element and respect it in that manner. Enjoy.