Designer’s Statement

The launch of Irthly Jewelled Adornments is a culmination of 25 years of jewelry experience, my philosophical background, and my vision of the future of jewelry design. I want this collection to showcase upscale, cutting-edge jewelry that demonstrates both luxury and an appreciation of vital elements of the environment. Being the son of a master jeweler, one can say that.... Read More →

Irthly Unique

Our fervor is to continue our rich tradition of creating jewelry unique to the world. By integrating meaningful concepts and elements of our world into fine jewelry, and by upholding strict standards of craftsmanship and ethical responsibility, we strive to make the proud owner of an Irthly jewelled adornment feel and experience something unique in jewelry: a sense of mutual.... Read More →

Meaningful Jewelry

Our design philosophy passionately incorporates different levels of meaning.  In a fundamental level, we want all the phases of creating an Irthly Jewelled Adornment to have a deep connection to David Alvarado’s philosophical underpinnings and his input on contemporary issues.  The inspiration, concept, materials, design, and fabrication phases all must present meaning in some substantial extent.  Along with the meaningful.... Read More →

Inspirations and Fabrication

THE ORIGINS INSPIRATION Irthly’s introductory inspiration of the Classics and Art D’Eco Collections comes from the concept of origins.  In this initial muse, we invite you to explore with us the seed as our emblem of the root and birth of all things.  Like the egg and the womb, our celebrated eco-symbol nurtures and cradle life’s infancy.  Without it, extinction is imminent. .... Read More →

Irthly’s Uniqueness Levels

As mentioned on the Irthly Unique page, our items become exceptional the moment one wears them.  Although some items are unique due to their chemical and experiential bond to the owner, others are unique due to the limited resources used to create the design.  For that reason, there are different levels of uniqueness that we would like to clarify to.... Read More →

Sustainability and Ethics

Corporate social responsibility means to me and Irthly that we have an obligation to answer appropriately to the needs of our social and ecological atmosphere.  We see a deep interconnectivity with the world and we must account-for and harken-to the demands of our global eco-system.  To be responsible is to be reliable.  We are obligated to gain society’s trust by.... Read More →

Philanthropy and Education

Introducing other precious concepts and elements of our world into fine jewelry is our mission. Making statement jewelry is our material expressive segment of this venture, but the underlying philosophical purpose is an educational one. To present other valuable concepts and elements, and make them feel valuable and precious is our true intent. As we present our expressions through jewelry,.... Read More →

Press and Recognition

2016 NICHE AWARDS WINNER:  “Alternative Materials” Sponsored by NICHE magazine, the NICHE Awards program began in 1989 to celebrate excellence and innovation in American and Canadian fine craft. Artists are recognized in both professional and student divisions. IRTHLY CLASSIC COLLECTIONS, Cycles Ring receive the 2016 NICHE AWARD winner in Alternative Materials, NICHE-AWARDS INDESIGN Magazine Online and Print March / April.... Read More →